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Pre-Decimal Silver Coins of Edward VII (1910)



The lowest denomination issued in 1910 was the threepence. It wouldn't be until 1911 that copper coins of the denominations half penny and penny would be produced.

The 1910 is one of the most common threepence, much more common than any George V issue. This is due in part to its high initial mintage, over 8 million, a necessarily high figure in order to meet the coinage demand of the nation, but also due to the fact that the design is different; Lasting just one year, the 1910 threepence's unique design ensured that many were hoarded. Consequently the coin is very common in mint state and an easy slot to fill for the type set collector. The coin is usually quite well struck up though some strike weakness is often found on the obverse, in particular around the center of the design.The strike weakness tends to only affect the obverse indicating that it is due to the uneven weight distribution of the design rather than die wear or filling.

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