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NumisTip is the aggregation of the various Blue Sheets, coin valuation websites covering Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand, into a single easy-to-use website for getting the most up to date valuations for your certified coins.

The NumisTip Difference

While printed catalogues typically update values over the course of a year, then produce a book that is expected to last for a year, Numistip values are automatically calculated based on past sales. With thousands of new records added daily, prices on NumisTip are updated nearly a million times per year. This means that our prices are by a long margin more up to date than any competing product.

Our prices are also transparent and objective - rather than relying on human input to determine pricing, NumisTip prices are automatically calculated from publicly verifiable sales and so will always reflect what coins actually sell for, not what dealers would like to sell coins for.

The Pricing System

Prices are based on the weighted average of past sales of PCGS and NGC graded coins with Blue Sheet (retail) prices being increased based on the liquidity and trend of the coin in the specific grade and the Red Sheet (wholesale) being decreased. The more liquid a coin, the lower the margin between buy and sell is. Upward trends decrease this margin and downward trends increase it. The liquidity is calculated based on the frequency of recent sales and the consistency of the sale prices.

Where there is sufficient data available, e.g. for most Australian pre-decimal, general decimal issues and later gold issues, this pricing system produces incredibly accurate representations of real retail and wholesale pricing. Of course the opposite is true for infrequently traded or very rare coins.

The History of NumisTip

NumisTip started out as the Retail Price Guide in 2005, a website which relied on public input for valuation. In 2006 it incorporated past sales and in 2008 was rebranded as the Blue Sheet, the standard valuation reference for certified coins. In 2015 the Malaysian Blue Sheet was released and in 2016 the Thai and Hong Kong sites were released. In 2019 these sites were combined into NumisTip, the standard price reference for world coins.

The Future of NumisTip

Our long-term aim is to cover all world coins and to simplify this project we've had to combine the Blue Sheets into a single site. If you have an area of expertise that you'd like to help expand NumisTip, we'd love to hear from you. Please click here to contact us


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