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About NumisTip

Walter Eigner 27-Sep-2019


NumisTip evolved out of the Blue Sheet in 2018 expanding the Australian, Malaysian, Hong Kong, and Thai sites into a global catalogue of world coins. The Blue Sheet has been the standard valuation reference for certified Australian coins since 2008 when it evolved from the On-line Retail Price Guide which started in 2004. It has come a long way since then, starting out as a community-entered valuation site then turning into manually updated prices based on past sales and finally to its current form, automatically generated prices based on sales of certified coins.

Membership and Pricing

NumisTip provides free articles on the coins it covers along with free retail pricing. Wholesale pricing is available with a subscription and access to the past sales records can be had with a standard or professional subscription. The professional subscription also gives access to marketing features.

The Pricing System

Prices are based on the weighted average of past sales of PCGS and NGC graded coins with retail prices being increased based on the liquidity and trend of the coin in the specific grade and the wholesale being decreased. The more liquid a coin, the lower the margin between buy and sell is. Upward trends decrease this margin and downward trends increase it. The liquidity is calculated based on the frequency of recent sales and the consistency of the sale prices.

Where there is sufficient data available, e.g. for most Australian pre-decimal, general decimal issues and later gold issues, this pricing system produces incredibly accurate representations of real retail and wholesale pricing.

As such, pricing is for PCGS and NGC graded coins only. Depending on the popularity of either service in any particular market, prices may be skewed towards one service's grades over another.

A Note on Accuracy

While NumisTip is extremely accurate where sufficient sales data is present, when data is absent which can be the case for extremely rare coins, NumisTip prices can fall out of date. The accuracy of pricing can be checked through recent sales history which is available with a standard or professional subscription.

Past Sales Records

Past sales can be used to verify our sources if you have a standard-level subscription or above.

Recent sales history for the 1921 sixpence

These can also be used to see how different auction houses perform for different coins.