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Australia Kangaroo Road Sign

2013  One Dollar reverse 2013  One Dollar obverse

2013 One Dollar

Reverse Designer:RAM Design Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:40mm Weight:31.1g Composition:99.9% Silver


Sales History


The Australian Road Sign Series was introduced in 2003. The first design depicts one of Australia's most iconic images - the Kangaroo road sign, and is available in six denominations (one, ten, thirty, hundred, five-hundred, and three-thousand dollars). The reverse was designed by Wojciech Pietranik and shows the iconic road sign with the Southern Cross in the background and the coins composition on the sign. The obverse houses the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II with the legend "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2013" and the denomination "1 DOLLAR".

The Kangaroo is probably the most iconic animal that is associated with Australia. The kangaroo is a marsupial mammal of which there are over sixty different species. They range from the largest (Red Kangaroo) to the smallest (Wallabies). The Red Kangaroo is the largest marsupial mammal in the world and can weigh up to 90 kilograms. Kangaroos of differing species can be found all across Australia whether the climate is cold or hot and in desert or tropical areas. They can even be found on beaches whilst others live in trees! All kangaroos are herbivorous, eating a range of plants and shrubs. Most are nocturnal but some are active in the early morning and late afternoon. The Kangaroo, along with the Emu, were selected as symbols of Australia and are featured on the official Australian coat of arms.

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