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Australia Pamp Dragon

2012 Proof One Dollar reverse 2012 Proof One Dollar obverse

2012 Proof One Dollar

Reverse Designer:RAM Design Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:40mm Weight:31.1g Edge:Interrupted Composition:99.9% Silver


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Chinese dragons are believed to have given rise to the nation of the Chinese people. The dragon is referenced in Chinese culture as a symbol of power and prestige. In recognition of the year of the dragon, the Royal Australian Mint issued this commemorative one dollar in silver. The reverse shows the Chinese dragon along with the denomination 10 dollars. There is also a gold ten dollar proof pamp dragon.

One of the greatest shows of Chinese devotion to the dragon is displayed in the performance of the dragon dance. Initially emerging as a ceremonial rain dance the it is now performed during the Spring and Lantern Festival. It is a very well known celebration that affords the Chinese people an opportunity to display their great adoration for the dragon. Another great festival that commemorates and honours the Chinese Dragon is the Dragon Boat Festival.

Historically the Chinese Dragon was greatly revered and utilised as a crest and insignia for Emperors. It is believed by some that the dragon has dominion over the waters of the earth and it can bring the precipitation stabilises climates and creates a conducive and harmonious environment for the sowing and reaping of crops. Chinese artists and craftsman have woven the symbol of the dragon into their fabrics as well as engraved it into their monuments of stone.

People born in the year of the dragon according to the Chinese history and legend bear the negative personality traits of talkative, aggressive, ruling, and hot-tempered. However, their positive personality traits of honest, sensitive, soft-hearted, courageous, tenacious and intelligent afford them numerous opportunities for success and wealth.

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