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Australia Kangaroo Type XXV

2011-P Gold One Hundred Dollar reverse 2011-P Gold One Hundred Dollar obverse

2011-P Gold One Hundred Dollar

Reverse Designer:Perth Mint Design Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:32.6mm Weight:31.11g Composition:99.99% Gold


Sales History

The Type 2 Sydney mint series is a popular series for Australian gold collectors to start off with. The uniquely Australian design and general availability of all dates make it an excellent starting point. The Type 2 saw a change in the obverse to a Wreathed bust design. This series lasted until 1870 when the Sydney mint reverted to the Imperial design Shield and St George reverse sovereigns.In average circulated most dates grade from VG to Fine and the toughest challenge will be the 1858 or the 1860. The 1860 is widely considered scarcer though the 1858 has certainly appeared less frequently on the market in recent times. All dates are available in Uncirculated with a couple of Choice examples known. The ideal choices for type collectors will be the 1866, 1867 and 1868, all of which turn up quite frequently in mint state grades and are usually well struck up. The 1864 and 1870 are also fairly easy to obtain though are typically plagued by weaker obverse strikes.

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