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Australia President's Cup Small

2011 Silver Proof One Dollar reverse 2011 Silver Proof One Dollar obverse

2011 Silver Proof One Dollar

Reverse Designer:Wojciech Pietranik Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:25mm Weight:11.6g Edge:Interrupted Composition:99.9% Silver


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The Presidents Cup is a golf tournament held every two years between the United States teams and a host of international competitors, none of whom are European. The Presidents Cup was initially introduced in 1994 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia. The Royal Australian Mint commemorates the popular golfing event held in Melbourne, by issuing this one dollar commemorative cupro-nickel coin. The reverse was designed by Wojciech Pietranik and shows his impression of a golfer in action with images from the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in the background. It contains the legend "The Presidents Cup - Australia 2011" along with the denomination 1 Dollar. The obverse shows the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, right-facing with tiara. The legend reads "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2011".

The Presidents Cup golf tournament is one of the most remarkable sporting events hosted because of the international social conscience and the irrefutable and genuine charitable outcome it allocates throughout the world. The purse is not reflective of other PGA TOURS. While other golfing events reward competitors with monetary compensations based on their wins, The Presidents Cup bestows monies to charities which are selected by competitors, from both teams. Over 23 million has been donated to various charities in numerous countries since the onset of the Presidents Cup in 1994.

Nicholas Simon O'Hern, who is an Australian Professional Golfer, has elected two of the charities that have received donations from The Presidents Cup tournament. His continued support and patronage of the Nick O'Hern Ronald McDonald Charity has assisted in contributing to the highest standard of housing, safety and comfort to the residents in their most dire time of difficulty. Nick feels it is imperative that the family be near their son or daughter during their medical care for cancer and other grave illnesses. His generous donation of $73,930.85 AU dollars afforded the House to revamp security and update their fire panel to enhance safety for the residents (PGA Tour, 2014) . Fresh Start Recovery Programme, which helps families with addictions, received charitable funds due to Nick's nomination of them as a recipient from The Presidents Cup hosted in 2007. The donations allow them to offer a substance abuse treatment program that allows them to house the patients for 6-12 months. Based on the length of time they are able to offer the patients sustainable efforts that can be directed towards the root causes of the patient's addiction.Medical support, as well as counselling, mental health, and spiritual guidance can be included in the scope of the patient's treatment ensuring the problems of the patients in there entirety are addressed.

The donations to the selected charities chosen by the competitors have positively impacted a multitude and a variety of charitable causes around the globe. Some of the immeasurable ways competitors and others involved in The Presidents Cup have made a difference in the lives of people around the world are astounding. Providing medical care, supplying meals for poverty stricken children, building of facilities in areas destroyed by natures devastation and supportive programs which offer hope in the midst of adversity are all minute examples of the profound ways these competitors and others whom are involved in The Presidents Cup have been able to bring about global change.

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