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Australia Census

2011  One Dollar reverse 2011  One Dollar obverse

2011 One Dollar

Reverse Designer:Wojciech Pietranik Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:25mm Weight:9g Edge:Interrupted Composition:92% Copper
6% Aluminium
2% Nickel


Sales History


The Australian Census is an enormous survey of the Australian population that is used to guide policy and plan services. To commemorate a century since the first national census was conducted the Royal Australian Mint has issued this commemorative one dollar piece. The reverse features a number of faces stacked together along with the logo of the Census. The reverse legend states "AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS 100 YEARS OF CENSUS" with the denomination "1 DOLLAR". The obverse houses the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II with the legend "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2011".

The first national census occurred in April 1911. Census collectors worked across the entirety of the country collecting forms that had been distributed earlier and ensuring that they had been correctly filled in. The effort was enormous and required the dedicated effort of a collection of permanent ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) staff that determined collection areas, questions, and to manage the tabulation process. The process of tabulating data was at first mostly manual but quickly mechanical and eventually digital technology has been deployed to assist. During the 2000's Australian's began to utilise the internet to submit their census data. The enormous census process is undertaken every five years to give policy makers, academics, and others an accurate data on Australia's demographics. With this data statistical analysis can be done to guide the better allocation government resources and also to more generally track the country's development.

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