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Australia Bilby

2009  One Dollar reverse 2009  One Dollar obverse

2009 One Dollar

Reverse Designer:Sabina Foster Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:25mm Weight:9g Edge:Interrupted Composition:92% Copper
6% Aluminium
2% Nickel


Sales History


The bilby is featured as part of the Royal Australian Mint's innovative 'Land Series'. The series showcases animals from the Australian bush and was intended for both seasoned and younger collectors. The reverse of this particular coin was designed by Sabina Foster and depicts a coloured Bilby walking over red soil with the denomination "1 DOLLAR". The obverse includes the standard Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II with the legend "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2008".

The bilby is an an Australian marsupial found predominately in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. They live in predominately arid regions within spiral burrows and predominately eat insects, larvae, seeds, and fruit. (Department of the Environment and Energy, 2004) Amazingly the bilby does not need to drink as it is able to get all its required water from its food. Until the mid 20th century there existed two species of bilby; the greater lesser. The lesser bilby's extinction has been attributed to a range of factors, including the introduction of foreign predators, competition with rabbits for food, destruction of habitat, and being hunted for food by Indigenous Australians. The remaining greater bilby is today classified as vulnerable by IUCN with many of the same threats as their lesser relative. (IUCN Red List, 2016)

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