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Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge

2007 Silver Proof One Dollar reverse 2007 Silver Proof One Dollar obverse

2007 Silver Proof One Dollar

Reverse Designer:Wojciech Pietranik Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:25mm Weight:11.66g Edge:Interrupted Composition:99.9% Silver


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To commemorate the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge the Royal Australian Mint struck this one dollar coin and a five dollar sterling silver commemorative issue. The Sydney Harbour Bridge one dollar was released as a celebration of 75 years as an Australian landmark. The reverse of the coin, designed by Wojciech Pietranik has three men standing on part of the bridge. There is also a side-on view above it with the dates underneath of 1932 - 2007. It has the legend "SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE". The obverse features an Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, crowned, facing right, with earrings and is surrounded by the legend "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2007". Four mint-mark varieties were produced; Melbourne (M), Canberra (C), Brisbane (B), and Sydney (S).

Brisbane (B) mint-mark on 2007-B (Sydney Habour) one dollar piece. Brisbane (B) mint-mark on 2007-B (Sydney Habour) one dollar piece.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed by a British company, Dorman Long and Co. of Middlesbrough. The original cost of the bridge was $4.2 million (Australian Government, 2013) , and took eight years to complete. The opening ceremony on 19th March 1932 was a drama in itself, as Captain Francis De Groot rode up on his horse and slashed the ceremonial ribbon in defiance, as his political group was of the belief that only a member of the Royal Family should open the bridge. It was due to be opened officially be then Premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang. The design of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was penned by Sir Ralph Freeman and bears great similarity to the Hell Gate Bridge of New York. Such was the design and construction of the bridge that it remains an astounding feat of engineering due to its weight bearing capability and width of almost 50 metres.

The bridge is now such a landmark that it has sightseeing trips where you can climb to the top of the bridge and get a 360-degree panoramic view. The south-eastern pylon also has a museum covering the history of the bridge. The tours started back in 1988 and such people as Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, Matt Damon, Hugo Weaving, Sarah Ferguson, Cathy Freeman and Kylie Minogue have all experienced it. The bridge is affectionately known as the 'Coathanger" and remains the worlds largest steel arch bridge.

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