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Australia Federation Type I

2001 Silver Proof Five Dollar reverse 2001 Silver Proof Five Dollar obverse

2001 Silver Proof Five Dollar

Reverse Designer:Wojciech Pietranik Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:39mm Weight:36.31g Edge:Reeded Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


Sales History


This Five Dollar silver proof coin is one of six that makes up the 2001 Masterpieces in Silver Set, commemorating the Federation. As 2001 marked 100 years since the joining together of the individual British colonies to form the federation of Australia, the Royal Australian Mint celebrated with a number of specially designed coin collections and series to pay tribute to the historical event. This particular series focuses on the men and women that paid a significant contribution to the movement to Federation and therefore helped to shape the national constitution. The reverse of each of the coins bears up to three portraits of some of the influential people stuck onto pure silver. The high quality finish that is achieved on these commemorative silver coins makes them made them a popular addition to any sized collection. This series has a limited mintage of just 10,000. The Centenary of Federation issues from the RAM were finished off with a special Finale Hologram Coin.

The reverse of the coin was designed by Wojciech Pietranik and is slightly different from the accompanying 5 coins in the set as it doesn't feature any portrait. Rather it bears the names of Bathurst Ladies' Organising Committee. The names are written in a circular fashion wrapping around a central flower. At the bottom of the coin is the denomination 5 DOLLARS. The obverse of the coin features the Ian-Rank Broadley portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and surrounding the iconic image of the monarch is the legend ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2001 and the denomination 5 DOLLARS. The series was packaged in an attractive blue outer box with a metallic silver presentation case, which housed all 6 coins. Also included was a Certificate of Authenticity and an interesting booklet containing information pertaining to the Federation and each of the influential men and women, to whom this set pays tribute.

Before the continent that we know today as the Commonwealth of Australia formed to become one nation, it consisted of individual self-governing British colonies. During the mid-late 19th century the idea of a Federation to unify the colonies was considered but it wasn't until 1900 that the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was passed and given Royal Assent by Queen Victoria. (Wikipedia, 2013) On the 1st January 1901 Sir Edmond Barton was signed in as the interim Prime Minister of Australia and collectively the colonies became the states of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Bathurst Ladies Committee was of significant importance as it was the first time women had played a role in political activity of any kind. They would put on events to entertain the politicians and help raise attention to the progressive political activity that was occurring in Bathurst, encouraging other States to get involved.

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