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Australia Great White Shark

2000-C Proof Five Dollar reverse 2000-C Proof Five Dollar obverse

2000-C Proof Five Dollar

Reverse Designer:Stuart Devlin Obverse Designer:Raphael Maklouf Size:40mm Weight:31.64g Edge:Reeded Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


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The Sydney 2000 Olympics Five Dollar 'Great White Shark' Silver Coin is part of a collection containing 16 pieces. It was struck in sterling silver and were designed to represent both Australia's cultural history and environment. The set comprises of Festival of the Dreaming, Kangaroo, Early Settlement, Great White Shark, Immigrants, Frilled Neck Lizard, Commerce, Emu, Sports and the Arts, Koala, Sydney Harbour, Platypus, Opera House, Echidna, Air and Kookaburra. They are all in a Five Dollar denomination. The set was released in 2000 following the successful Olympic Games from Sydney, Australia.

The reverse of the coin, designed by Stuart Devlin has an intricate design with a ring of corals around the inside edge of the coin. In the centre of the coin are two Great White Sharks with teeth showing in great detail. Included at the base of the design is theofficialSydney 2000Olympicslogo with the five coloured rings signifying the Olympics. The obverse features the traditional Raphael Maklouf 4th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, crowned, facing right, with necklace and earrings and is surrounded by the legend ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2000 5 DOLLARS. This coin along with the remaining fifteen to complete the set was originally packaged in a wooden display case and with a numbered certificate. On the outside of the lid is stamped with the text THE SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPIC SILVER COIN COLLECTION and the inner side with ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT and the PERTH MINT.

The Great White Shark is the largest predatory fish on Earth. It can grow up to six metres long and weigh more than two tonnes. They are found in cool, coastal waters around the world. They have grey bodies with a white underbelly from which it derives its name. They are extremely streamlined with a very powerful tail giving them the ability to reach speeds of up to 24kmh. They have mastered different techniques of attacking depending on their prey. Mostly they will bite the rear and wait for them to bleed to death. Others they can dive with until they stop struggling. They are also able to leap from the surface to attack.

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