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Australia George VI

2000 Silver Proof Fifty Cent reverse 2000 Silver Proof Fifty Cent obverse

2000 Silver Proof Fifty Cent

Reverse Designer:Thomas H. Paget Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:39mm Weight:36.31g Edge:Plain Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


Sales History


The 2000 George VI fifty cent piece was issued as part of the 'Monarchs' set in the Royal Australian Mint's Master Pieces in Silver Collection. The reverse features the obverse design used on the 1937 Florin with the Thomas G. Paget portrait of HM King George VI and the Latin legend "GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX F: D: IND: IMP". The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II with the legend "ELIZABETH II - AUSTRALIA 2000 - TWENTY CENTS".

George VI (born Albert) was King of the United Kingdom from 1936 until 1952. (BBC History, 2017) He was born on the 14th of December 1895 as Albert, the second son of King George V. It was expected that Albert's older brother Edward VIII would inherit the throne. At the outbreak of WWI Albert served extensively in the both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. In 1936 Albert's father King George V died and Edward VIII became King. That same year King Edward abdicated his position as King in order to marry a divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Albert, as next in line, inherited the throne and was crowned as King George VI. Throughout World War II King George VI visited several battle fronts and created the George Cross for acts of heroism. On the 6th of February 1952 he died of lung cancer and his daughter Elizabeth succeed him as monarch.

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