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Australia Paralympic

2000 Proof One Hundred Dollar reverse 2000 Proof One Hundred Dollar obverse

2000 Proof One Hundred Dollar

Reverse Designer:Stuart Devlin Obverse Designer:Ian Rank-Broadley Size:25mm Weight:10.37g Edge:Reeded Composition:99.99% Gold


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The Paralympic One Hundred Dollar solid gold coin was released on Wednesday 23rd August, 2000 by the Royal Australian Mint and The Perth Mint to represent the forthcoming Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000. The reverse of the coin, designed by Stuart Devlin has a modern design showing an artist's representation of the globe. Included within the design is the official Sydney 2000 Paralympics logo with the coloured emblem signifying the Olympics. It also has the legend 5 DOLLARS. The obverse features the traditional Ian Rank-Broadley 4th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, crowned, facing right, with necklace and earrings and is surrounded by the legend ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2000 100 DOLLARS.The Royal Australian Mint also released two other series, Paralympic Bronze and Paralympic Silver as five dollar coins.

During the Paralympics in Sydney 2000, Prue Watt achieved success by winning a bronze medal in the women's 50m freestyle swimming event. Had she been just 0.03 seconds faster it would have been a silver medal. Also from the University of Sydney, was athlete Angela Ballard. She managed to secure another Paralympic medal by winning bronze in the women's 100m sprint. But this was only the tip of the iceberg. Over the course of the Paralympics, Australia won a total of 47 bronze medals, 39 silver medals and an amazing 63 gold medals culminating in overall victory on home soil.

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