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Australia Princess Margaret

1992 Proof Twenty Five Dollar reverse 1992 Proof Twenty Five Dollar obverse

1992 Proof Twenty Five Dollar

Reverse Designer:Stuart Devlin Obverse Designer:Raphael Maklouf Size:39mm Weight:33.63g Edge:Reeded Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


Sales History


This twenty-five Dollar Silver proof coin is part of a set known as 1992 Masterpieces in Silver: Royal Ladies. It was released by the Royal Australian Mint in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the reign of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. It was one set from the popular Masterpieces in Silver Collection and remains to date to be one of the fasting selling and well-loved Australian commemorative coin issues. The set was very fast to sell out as it caught the eye of both collectors and non-collectors a-like and remains today to be a sought after and valuable set. This particular coin pays tribute to Princess Margaret, and was joined in the set by an additional three twenty-five dollar coins as well as a medallion. The coins honour the Queen Mother, Princess Anne and Lady Diana. The medallion, which is the centre piece to the collection bears the image of the Queen sitting on her throne.

The reverse of this coin honouring Princess Margaret, unsurprisingly bears the profile portrait of Princess Margaret herself and was designed by Stuart Devlin. Surrounding the image in an upright oval shape is the legend ELIZABETH II 4OTH ANNIVERSARY 25 DOLLARS. Surrounding this and filling the remainder of the coin up to the edge is a border created from overlapping crowns. The obverse bears the Raphael Maklouf portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II with the surrounding legend that reads ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1992. The Royal Ladies set was issued in a beautiful burgundy presentation case, plush with velvet and came with a Certificate of Authenticity and an information booklet pertaining to the Royal Ladies to whom this set pays tribute. The main text on the outside of the box reads The Royal Ladies in large writing. One pattern in gold of a slightly smaller size (18mm) is known bearing the portrait of Lady Diana.

The Royal Ladies The Royal Ladies

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