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Australia Emu

1991  Two Hundred Dollar reverse 1991  Two Hundred Dollar obverse

1991 Two Hundred Dollar

Reverse Designer:Horst Hahne Obverse Designer:Raphael Maklouf Size:24mm Weight:10g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper


Sales History


This Emu 1991 Two Hundred Dollar Pride of Australia Gold coin is the third of six coins in the Pride of Australia wildlife series. The other coins in the series are Frilled Neck Lizard (1989), Platypus (1990), Echidna (1992), Squirrel Glider (1993) and the Tasmanian Devil (1994). The reverse was designed by Horst Hahne and features an Emu in its natural habitat. It contains the legend "PRIDE OF AUSTRALIA TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS". The obverse displays Raphael Maklouf's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, right facing, crowned with necklace and earrings. Around this portrait is the legend "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1991".

The Emu, along with the Kangaroo, are widely accepted as symbols of Australia and are represented on the Australia coat of arms (Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2013) . They are also two of the first animals that spring to mind when the rest of the world thinks about Australia. There has never been an official motto or faunal emblem. The Emu can run very fast. It has been recorded at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. Their diet consists of insects, berries, flowers and seeds. The early life of an Emu is quite precarious as there are many predators looking for a meal. Lizards will seek out the eggs if the father doesn't sit on them. He will do this for up to eight weeks without any food or drinks. After they hatch they can be taken by eagles and dingos. If they survive this period, they can grow up to six feet tall and weigh up to 45 kgs. They have a life expectancy of about ten years.

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