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Australia Type II

1987  One Cent reverse 1987  One Cent obverse

1987 One Cent

Reverse Designer:Stuart Devlin Obverse Designer:Raphael Maklouf Size:17.5mm Weight:2.59g Edge:Plain Composition:97% Copper
2.5% Zinc
0.5% Nickel


Sales History


The Type II one cent was issued from 1985 up until the retirement of the one cent series in 1991. It featured the new Raphael Maklouf portrait of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse , with the unchanged Stuart Devlin feather-tail glider design on the reverse. Devlin's initials (SD) can be found below the tip of marsupials tail (see example below).

The type was struck exclusively at the Royal Australian mint in a bronze alloy, except in 1991 where an additional silver proof was issued as part of the year's Masterpieces in Silver set. Most years of issue have very high mintages with the exception of 1986 and 1991 which were both limited to below 200,000.

The initials of the designer Stuart Devlin (SD) on a 1987 One Cent. The initials of the designer Stuart Devlin (SD) on a 1987 One Cent.

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