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Australia Elizabeth II

1956 Specimen Sixpence reverse 1956 Specimen Sixpence obverse

1956 Specimen Sixpence

Mint:Melbourne Monarch:Elizabeth II Reverse Designer:W. H. J. Blakemore Obverse Designer:Mary Gillick Size:19mm Weight:2.82g Edge:Reeded Composition:50% Silver
40% Copper
5% Nickel
5% Zinc


Sales History


The 1956 specimen strike is a scarce variant of the 1956 proof with a mintage of just 506. (Melbourne Mint, 1963) Despite this it rarely sells for a premium over proof strikes due to it simply being an inferior looking piece with less strike depth and less mirror reflectivity. The piece can be distinguished by a more shallow lustre and a slightly weak star and Queen's hair and with an overall less defined relief.

1956 specimen reverse 1956 specimen reverse

1956 specimen obverse 1956 specimen obverse

1956 proof sixpence reverse 1956 proof sixpence reverse

Obverse of a proof 1956 Obverse of a proof 1956

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