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Australia George VI

1947  Threepence reverse 1947  Threepence obverse

1947 Threepence

Mint:Melbourne Mint Monarch:George VI Reverse Designer:George Kruger Gray Obverse Designer:Thomas H. Paget Size:17mm Weight:1.41g Edge:Plain Composition:50% Silver
40% Copper
5% Nickel
5% Zinc


Sales History


The 1947 Threepence was struck by the Melbourne Mint with a total mintage of 4,176,000. It was the first year that the threepence was issued with a lower than sterling silver content. The reduction from 92.5% silver to 50% silver had occurred due to record highs in the prices of silver. In addition to reducing the profitability of minting there were fears that the value of silver contained within the threepence could become less than the face value, leading people to melt their coins down. Similar concerns had motivated the British to completely abandon silver and adopt a cupro-nickel composition for their coins. (Francis W. Hirst, 1947)

Despite the relatively low mintage compared to earlier years the 1947 threepence is still reasonably affordable and accessible across most grades. In MS65 and higher the year is more expensive than the high mintage 1944-S and 1943-D although excessively so.

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