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Straits Settlements George V

1935  Twenty Cent reverse 1935  Twenty Cent obverse

1935 Twenty Cent

Monarch:George V Obverse Designer:Bertram Mackennal Size:23mm Weight:5.43g Edge:Milled Composition:60% Silver


Sales History


After King George V's accession, twenty cent pieces were first struck for the colony in 1916 at the Bombay mint featuring the same reverse design as previous issues with a partitioned ring design with 20 in the inner circle with the legend, STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. TWENTY CENTS followed by the date while the obverse features the Mackennal effigy of King George V and the legend, GEORGE V KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA.The issue was struck in six years from 1916 to 1935 with the final two years being readily available and most affordable in top grades. Despite the relatively low mintage figures of the first two issues, collectors should have no problems obtaining the types in mint state due to the limited circulation the denomination experienced.

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