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Australia George V

1930  Half Penny reverse 1930  Half Penny obverse

1930 Half Penny

Mint:Melbourne Monarch:George V Reverse Designer:W. H. J. Blakemore Obverse Designer:Sir E. B. MacKennel Size:25.5mm Weight:5.67g Edge:Plain Composition:97% Copper
2.5% Zinc
0.5% Tin


Sales History


The 1930 half penny, while generally put alongside the 1931 in terms of rarity despite its higher mintage, is in fact a much scarcer coin, especially when sought in mint state. While the 1931 is readily available up to MS63, the 1930 is a different story being very scarce up to MS63 and rare in higher grades. The most likely explanation is that the 1930 was circulated during the high of the depression, and being a low denomination, it was also the most circulated coin of the time. The financial situation of most Australians at the time meant that any money brought in was almost instantly spent resulting in a lower than average amount of mint state pieces available. Australians simply could not afford to hoard coins at the time. The coin is usually quite well struck up showing 8 pearls in George V's crown right down to the mid-XF level. Mint lustre is of a glossy, cartwheel appearance and generally undisturbed on mint state coins. The Melbourne mint also produced 6 proof of record strikes of both the half penny and penny.

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