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Australia George V

1927  Florin reverse 1927  Florin obverse

1927 Florin

Reverse Designer:W. H. J. Blakemore Obverse Designer:Sir E. B. MacKennel Size:28mm Weight:11.31g Edge:Reeded Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


Sales History


The 1927 florin is one of the easier dates of the George V series in any grade range. It can be readily obtained in bullion hoards in lower grades, sometimes even as high as EF40. The coin is readily available up to MS63 with numerous mint state examples already having been certified, but like most George V florins, beyond MS64 the date gets very scarce making it a rather undesirable choice for type set collectors when the 1931 and 1936 are just as affordable at the MS65 level. The coin is usually well struck up with most examples still displaying 8 horizontal pearls in George V's crown at the AU50 level but some later strikes may exhibit a peripheral striking weakness.

The Melbourne mint also produced a commemorative florin for the opening of the Parliament House in Canberra. Almost 11,000 of florins dated 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1931 were produced by counterfeiters Manders and Twible in Redfern, Sydney (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2004) .

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