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Australia George V

1921-M  Threepence reverse 1921-M  Threepence obverse

1921-M Threepence

Mint:Melbourne Mint Monarch:George V Reverse Designer:W. H. J. Blakemore Obverse Designer:Sir E. B. MacKennel Size:17mm Weight:1.41g Edge:Plain Composition:92.5% Silver
7.5% Copper


Sales History


The 1921-M threepence is one of the most common dates in the series with a high mintage of over 7 million pieces. In mint state the date is also well represented with numerous hoards turning up such as the 1921 hoard. Like the 1921 hoard, most hoards of the year were lightly circulated hoards making the year scarce above MS63. The type is characterized by an M mintmark underneath the date, differing from the 1921 plain which was produced in January 1922.

The M mintmark beneath the date on a 1921M threepence The M mintmark beneath the date on a 1921M threepence

The relative affordability in typical mint state makes this coin a popular choice as a type coin and while the strike is usually problem-free and good enough for grades up to the MS65-66 level, strike conscious collectors will do well avoiding this date due to a typically weak region around the top of the shield and the star. This is due to the high production requirement in 1921 due to the post-war economic boom.

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