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Australia Victoria Shield Large Head

1883-S Crenulated Reverse Half Sovereign reverse 1883-S Crenulated Reverse Half Sovereign obverse

1883-S Crenulated Reverse Half Sovereign

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Beaded Reverse
Mint:Sydney Mint Monarch:Victoria Reverse Designer:J. B. Merlen Obverse Designer:William Wyon Size:19mm Weight:3.99g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper


Sales History


The third date in the series of crenulated reverse Sydney Mint half sovereigns is the 1883 Sydney. There is a confirmed proof or specimen example of this type and the issue was struck from two distinguishable dies . One fresh die for the year, and one worn die , possibly re-used from either 1880 or 1881. Interestingly, the strongest struck examples of the 1883 worn die seem to be in a far worse state than the worst 1880 or 1881 examples which would seem to indicate that further coins were struck between 1881 and 1883, possibly dated 1882 though none have turned up. It is possible, that if they were struck that the low survival rates of the era simply resulted in none surviving. One mint state example from the proof or specimen dies was offered at the Reserve Bank of Australia sale in 2005 along with seven other examples (Downies, 2005) . The mint state example was later sold at the Quartermaster collection in 2009 where it was estimated at $50,000 - $60,000but it did not sell.

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