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Australia Sydney Wreathed Bust

1865  Half Sovereign reverse 1865  Half Sovereign obverse

1865 Half Sovereign

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1864 Roman 1 in date
Mint:Sydney Mint Monarch:Victoria Reverse Designer:L. C. Lyon Obverse Designer:L. C. Lyon Size:19mm Weight:3.99g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Silver


Sales History


The 1865 is quite a scarce date, though the pricing of the coin would indicate that it is slightly overrated compared to some of the other dates in the series such as the 1863 which is of similar scarcity. This is probably because of the low 62,000 mintage reported for the date by many other catalogues. This 62,000 figure is the mintage figure for 1867, but no half sovereigns dated 1867 are known so it is the opinion of some numismatists that coins struck in that year were dated 1865. In addition, 154,000 half sovereigns were also struck in 1869. It is likely that 1866 half sovereigns were struck in these two years implying a total mintage of 216,000 for the 1866. The mintage for the year as per the Royal mint reports is 282,000 but this also likely includes the 1864 half sovereign as the reports do not list a mintage figure for that year.

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