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Australia Sydney Wreathed Bust

1864  Half Sovereign reverse 1864  Half Sovereign obverse

1864 Half Sovereign

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Roman 1 in date
Mint:Sydney Mint Monarch:Victoria Reverse Designer:L. C. Lyon Obverse Designer:L. C. Lyon Size:19mm Weight:3.99g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Silver


Sales History


The Royal Mint reports that no half sovereigns were struck in 1864 but in 1865 a total of 282,000 half sovereigns were struck (Marsh, M, A, 2004) . It would seem that many of the half sovereigns struck in 1865 bear the date of 1864. The number of surviving examples of each date would imply approximate mintage figures of 188,000 for the 1864 and 94,000 for the 1865, though this survival rate would seem far too dissimilar to the survival rates of the 1862 and 1863. It is possible that some of the 1863 mintage was actually dated 1864 as the 1864 is probably the second or third most common Wreathed Head Sydney Mint.

The date is one of the easier dates in the series to acquire in mint state with an example graded by PCGS at MS63 and another at MS64+ (PCGS, 2017) . This should by no means by an indication that the coin is affordable in such grades with the MS63 graded piece selling for AU$30,000 via NumisBid in 2016 (Eigner, W, 2016) . This was however the Roman I variety which may account for its strong realisation.

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