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South Australia

1852 Restrike (1921) Adelaide Five Pound reverse 1852 Restrike (1921) Adelaide Five Pound obverse

1852 Restrike (1921) Adelaide Five Pound

Only 7 remain
Size:32mm Weight:33.93g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper


Sales History


Dies were produced for the Adelaide Five Pound which features a design and font similar to the Adelaide Pound Type II but no original specimens are known. Twelve Restrikes were produced in 1921 at the Royal Mint in Melbourne and sold to the public at bullion value. Two examples were kept, one for the Melbourne branch and one for the London branch, five others were sold and the other five were melted after they couldn't find buyers. Both the Royal mint Melbourne and Royal Australian Mint restrikes can be identified by a rose-gold colour as these were either struck in gilt copper or a gold-copper alloy, while in 1852 the Adelaide Assay Office had used Victorian gold, which was rich in silver producing a brighter yellow coloured gold.

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