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South Australia Type II

1852 Off-collar Trial in Lead Adelaide Pound reverse 1852 Off-collar Trial in Lead Adelaide Pound obverse

1852 Off-collar Trial in Lead Adelaide Pound

Mintage:Unique Size:23mm Weight:8.77g Edge:Reeded Composition:100% Lead


Sales History


The second One Pound design, dubbed the Adelaide Pound Type II, features crenulated inner circles on both faces and was used to mint 24,768 tokens until the closure of the assay office in February 1853. While this die was more successful, in later strikes, the crudeness can still be seen with much deterioration and strike flaws from contaminants visible in the later strikes. Several trials were produced in lead most likely to ensure that the second die wouldn't break in its eventual use. Deacon lists two such trials, both in lead and notes an unverified example struck off collar (Deacon, H, 1954) . The first trial (Deacon 14a), like the trial of the Type I Adelaide Pound, resides in the Adelaide National Gallery and isn't available to collectors. The second (Deacon 14b) was listed by Deacon as appearing in a Numismatic Circular in 1915 and present (as of 1954) whereabouts unknown. In October 1975 this trial piece re-appeared on the market at Spink and Stern sale, lot 22 ex the collection of Captain Vivian Hewitt (Spink & Stern, 1975) . The third Type II trial was listed as being unverified by Deacon but in June 2008 an off-collar example appeared in public auction by Spink London verifying his claim.

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