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South Australia Type II

1852  Adelaide Pound reverse 1852  Adelaide Pound obverse

1852 Adelaide Pound

Reverse Designer:Joshua Payne Obverse Designer:Joshua Payne Size:23mm Weight:8.77g Edge:Reeded Composition:91.67% Gold
8.33% Silver


Sales History


The second One Pound design, dubbed the Adelaide Pound Type II, features crenulated inner circles on both faces and was used to mint 24,768 tokens until the closure of the assay office in February 1853. While this die was more successful, in later strikes, the crudeness can still be seen with much deterioration and strike flaws from contaminants visible in the later strikes.While only one die was used for the Type II Adelaide pound, it is unknown why or how far down the line, but 5 notches were added above 2 C of 22 CARATS on the reverse. Examples which display these notches, being from the later half of the production run, are generally weakly struck with the deterioration of the die quite obvious.Section of the later strike Adelaide Pound Type II, note the small notches above '2 C' Although coming from a somewhat high mintage, the Adelaide Pound was melted down by official order and those that survived had a bullion value of above one pound and consequently were often melted down for the gold value. It is estimated that fewer than 500 examples have survived, many of which were mounted or otherwise damaged.

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