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San Marino


Child Holding a Dove (1)Michelangelos David (1)Antonio Canova The Three Graces (1)


1898 (1)1933 (1)1973 (1)1997 (1)2006 (1)


Fifty Centesimi (1)Twenty Lire (1)Five Hundred Lire (1)Two Scudi (1)Ten Euro (1)

Strike Type

MS (3)PR (2)

San Marino - 1898-R Fifty Centesimi

San Marino - 1933 Twenty Lire

San Marino Child Holding a Dove - 1973 Silver Five Hundred Lire

San Marino Michelangelos David - 1997-R Gold Proof Two Scudi

San Marino Antonio Canova The Three Graces - 2006-R Silver Proof Ten Euro

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