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10th Wedding Anniversary (1)Japanese Royal Wedding (1)Hercules and the Hydra (1)Life of Queen Elizabeth Childhood Portrait (1)Hippolytas Girdle (1)Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee (1)


1991 (1)1993 (1)1998 (1)1999 (1)2000 (2)2002 (1)


One Crown (1)Two Crown (1)Two Pounds (2)Crown (1)Half Crown (2)

Strike Type

PR (6)MS (1)

Gibraltar 10th Wedding Anniversary - 1991 Proof One Crown

Gibraltar Japanese Royal Wedding - 1993 Silver Proof 2 Peacocks Two Crown

Gibraltar Hercules and the Hydra - 1998 Proof Two Pounds

Gibraltar Life of Queen Elizabeth Childhood Portrait - 1999 Silver Proof Crown

Gibraltar Hippolytas Girdle - 2000 Two Pounds

Gibraltar - 2000 Proof Half Crown

Gibraltar Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee - 2002 Gold Proof Half Crown

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