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1902-E Two Mark

   Weight:0g Death Saxony
9/26/2016 1:51:40 PM
None specified
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Coin Values

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Certified Coin Values (Values in USD)

The values listed here are estimates for PCGS or NGC certified coins based on past sales of certified coins with the values listed with the pink background as a minimum, or wholesale value and the value on the right as a maximum retail value for ordinary coins. Exceptional examples such as rarer varieties or coins with superb eye appeal may sell in excess of the listed maximum while coins from services other than PCGS or NGC may sell for considerably less than the minimum stated value.


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Interpreting these prices

These prices are intended to recommend maximum safe buying price and a minimum safe selling price such that one can respectfully sell or replace an equally graded coin without loss and our reliability benchmark is set at 95% which means that the wholesale and retail margins automatically widen or shrink in order for 95% of sales to occur between the two levels. We however cannot guarantee the accuracy of this for future sales, nor do these figures represent any offer to buy or sell.

Generally when assessing value trends one should be referring to the wholesale values noted in red as retail values take into account risk factors associated with dealers holding stock, particularly liquidity, and thus a strengthening market for the coin, marked by an increase in demand and liquidity, tends to have a greater impact on wholesale prices as the increase in liquidity leads to dealers favouring turnover over profit margins. As such a strengthening market is best measured by rising wholesale prices with retail pricing tending to lag behind.

Consequently, a small difference between retail and wholesale prices generally indicates that it sells for a relatively stable price and thus dealers will generally be more competitive in their pricing.

Sales History

DateGradePrice (USD)Source
August/2016PCGS MS64???**

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Please note that as these records are manually entered, while the utmost care is taken to ensure their accuracy some data entries can occur which may also adversely affect the accuracy of pricing. If you do encounter any errors, please let us know so we can correct them. In any case you should confirm the accuracy of any sales record before basing any purchase or sale decision on it.

Various factors can affect sales prices such as the venue, time of year or the specific eye appeal of the coin. These factors should be considered when working with past sales. Historical sale prices do not guarantee the future ability to acquire or sell a coin at the past price.

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